Lifestyle | {Brothers} Eric & Ethan

I feel like I've only been photographing girls lately and I recently had a session with two of the cutest and sweetest little brothers, Eric and Ethan!!  

brightbill2013-2 web wm.jpg
IMG_3934 web wm.jpg
IMG_3969-3 web wm.jpg
IMG_3973 web wm.jpg
IMG_3982 web wm.jpg
IMG_4002-2 web wm.jpg
IMG_4078 web wm.jpg
IMG_4094 web wm.jpg

Not only were these two boys HANDSOME as all get out, they were smart little boogers too! I had so much fun getting to know them.

I'm so used to girls, dolls and pearls that it was a nice change getting to photograph boys and watch them do their boy thing. :) 

Much love,